Get Unstuck



I'm a coach, it's what I do. Whether on the baseball field, in the classroom or with your life, I have 18 years of experience helping people move through challenges to where they want to be. 

I'm excited to work with parents, teachers and anyone else who feels like they're stuck and want more out of their lives. I've been stuck, too. And it's a hard place to be. But I got unstuck and I can help you.  

Whether you're a parent drowning in the day to day struggles of modern family life or a teacher on the verge of overwhelm, I will help you move through the challenges to a better more fulfilling place. 


Coaching is about getting you unstuck. Managing the complexities of modern family life, increasing career fulfillment or getting you on the road to another career. 


My Get Unstuck coaching model provides a framework for you to start defining your purpose and values, clearing away roadblocks and setting and achieving your goals. 

Coaching is done in person (for those local to Richmond, VA) or via phone/video call.

For schedule, rates or to set up a free 20 minute call to see if we'd be a good fit, email:


You really helped to motivate me and I feel empowered to finish this project that has been so daunting for the past 3 years!  But now I have replaced the doubt and fear with belief in myself and excitement.

Thanks again, Coach! 

                                                     –Lucy, Craftsperson, Musician and Entrepreneur 



Before I met Chris I was struggling to prioritise and move forward with my life. I was confused and didn’t know which way was best. Chris coached me and supported my development and my business and goals. He challenges me in a positive way and encourages me to be myself.


Through Chris’ coaching I have been able to discover what is really important to me, allowing me to feel much more fulfilled in everyday life.

He is empowering, engaging and passionate about supporting others lead the best lives possible. 

Now, I have so much more clarity on my vision, direction, and excitement than before!

–Will, Coach, Sales and Marketing Consultant, Vancouver BC Canada