A Life Dedicated to Helping Others

When I was a boy in the late 80's and early 90's, my father volunteered with an organization that helped care for people dying of AIDS. At the time it just seemed normal that my dad would take Rick to the grocery store or a doctor's appointment, but after Rick died and as I grew older I realized the gravity of what my father was doing. My father's example is one of the reasons I became a teacher, coach and father.


As a high school Spanish teacher and advisor for 17 years my favorite times were those when I could help my students change and grow as people. As a result, 

motivation, inspiration and comedic engagement became staples in my classroom.

As a baseball coach, I realized early on that my players' humanity mattered

more to me than their batting average. I developed a program called

3D Baseball that emphasized leadership through the

3D's: Dignity, Discipline & Dedication. The young men I worked with in turn became role models for younger boys they mentored. 


In my twenties, I lost my best friend, developed a brain tumor that resulted in major surgery and caused complete deafness in my right ear and I overcame debilitating anxiety disorder. I also struggled to come to terms with abuse I endured as a child. My pain was relentless, but so was my resolve. 

With the support of my partner, my parents and well trained professionals, I was able to persevere and emerge with a new kind of strength. A strength built on empathy and compassion with a clarity of purpose rooted in love, kindness and humor. This strength is the foundation of my Life Coaching practice and has instilled in me the belief that all people can achieve a happy, fulfilling life. 


I connect easily with people and set them at ease with a non-judgmental, empowering presence that was forged over years of listening to students, athletes and clients reveal their deepest fears and greatest dreams. I would be honored to support you as I have countless others. 


Are you ready to improve your relationships, gain professional confidence, or take your physical health to the next level? If so, I would honored to be there to support, motivate and help you every step of the way!

Get Unstuck.

Chris Mercer Coaching

"My pain was relentless,     but so was my resolve."