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What's on Your "To Be" List?

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

We all have our “To do” lists.

1. Get groceries,

2. Take the kids to practice,

3. Cut the grass,

4. Make dinner

...And on and on and on.

Have you ever crossed off the last thing on your “To do” list just to realize there was something you forgot? Or better yet, you finish everything on your list and you still feel frazzled, tired and anxious?

But what if we created a “To be” list? A list of ways that you want to be and feel during the day. What would yours include? Is it possible to be the way you want to be, feel the way you want to feel and to live the way you want to live while you are doing the things on your “To do” list? It is if you make the effort.

If you made the intention “To Be: Courageous,” what might you add to your “To do” list? Or if you wrote, “To Be: Patient,” how might that impact your mood in line at the grocery store? Or if you wrote, “To Be: Grateful” How might that change the way you see driving your kids to practice? Or anything else for that matter.

Let's try it. Take a few deep breaths.

Ask yourself this question. “How do I want to be today?” Do you want to be strong?

Do you want to be kind? Do you want to be peaceful? Do you want to be focused? Do you want to be brave? Do you want to be present? What else do you want to be?

Now think of why being that way is important to you. How will being this way support you and those you love? Are you fully committed to being this way today?

You can do it. I know you can.

Chris Mercer is a proud father, teacher and Life Fulfillment Coach.

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